William Dalrymple and his love affair with dogs

William Dalrymple has lived in South Fallsburg in upstate New York, most of his life.

He loves everything to do with dogs. It is his life’s work to educate people how to care for and train our four legged friends.


Training Your Dog Can Be Easy With These Great Tips!

This article provides information on correcting actions of dogs using proper training tactics.

TIP! Spend just the right amount of time training your dog, and do not wear it out. Shorter training sessions are better at the beginning of your program.

Timing is essential when you are training your dog, so you should spend sufficient time training him but should not overdo it. Begin with shorter training sessions and gradually increase the time daily. Pay attention to the point when your dog loses interest.

TIP! If you want to train your dog, it helps if you can think like a dog. A lot of owners get frustrated when their dog is not understanding a basic command.

When getting closer to a dog, you should go up to him slowly and allow him to sniff your hand. This gives the dog a chance to become accustomed to your personal scent and they’ll most likely trust you.

TIP! You need to adhere to a specific feeding routine for your dog. Training your dog to expect that when fed, once or twice a day, you will be removing the food bowl in 10-15 minutes, will lay down a feeding schedule that your dog will adhere to.

Your dog must learn what the word “no” means. Find positive and supportive ways to train your dog. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t help your dog understand how to react.All dogs differ and will respond to different training.

TIP! Don’t waste your money on expensive training products, such as shock collars. They often do not function well as they say they do and are a lot more expensive as opposed to conventional methods of training.

To prevent your dog from barking, see if you can acclimate them to whatever triggers their barking. It might be something they hear or being in close proximity to other animals. Your dog will know the difference and will understand that there is no need to bark in these situations.

TIP! Be prepared to reward the dog as soon as it completes a positive behavior. You want to make sure that your dog understands that he has accomplished a good thing.

One trick to remember when training your pet is to make an effort to socialize it early on and often. Your dog must learn how to behave when it is around other humans and dogs – this isn’t something you could teach it otherwise. This helps reduce unacceptable behavior in these situations.

Breeds Require

TIP! If your pet is prone to jumping onto your lap, you should gently squeeze his paws after he does so. This communicates that the behavior is unacceptable and should be avoided.

A good training tip is to be aware of the special grooming needs that your dog needs. Some breeds require a lot more grooming than others, while other breeds require meticulous grooming almost every week. Grooming is a good way to keep a clean, and greatly reduces the risk of disease.

TIP! The best way to train a dog is by using positive reinforcement. You can use treats, toys, positive speech and even belly rubs.

It is important for dog owners to realize that training no longer has to be a battle. With a good mindset and adequate training techniques, your dog can be trained very easily. Dogs are very smart and well apt to learning.


Great Guide On How To Train Your Dog

TIP! You can train a pooch to roll over fairly quickly if you have some treats to hand out. The first step is to get the dog to lay down.

Dogs of all breeds think the same mindset. Understanding how they think and communicate is key to successful training.This article contains some universal puppy training techniques that clue humans in mind.

TIP! When training dogs, use a similar tone and volume when you give commands. An authoritarian tone informs your dog he is expected to obey.

When correcting your dog, do it quickly and concisely. Do not rant on at length to your pet about their bad behavior. Just say no and show them what to do instead.

TIP! Be mindful of how long the sessions are when you train your dog. Devoting strict amounts of time to any particular aspect of training will have your dog feeling distracted and bored.

Try to view things from your dog’s eyes. It’s easy to get irritated with them when they aren’t learning the basic things you teach it. Don’t give up! Think how they think like your dog! Imagining things as they see it might give you a different perspective on training them.

TIP! When training your pet, see to it that you get its attention all the time. Begin each command by using his name.

Make sure your dog stays awake and active often. Dogs are easily get bored. A bored dog without interest in what you’re doing is more difficult to train.Your dogs will obey more relaxed and willing to listen if you keep them well exercised. Go for long walk with your dog.

Give your dog a clear verbal cue that tells them they’re doing the right thing.

TIP! Prior to training your puppy, make a bond with your dog by teaching him what his name is. Simply start by calling his name as often as possible.

Pick a consistent phrase to use with your new puppy during house training him. When it’s time for him to go outside to do his business, say “go potty” to them so they will eventually associate the phrase with going to the bathroom outside.

TIP! To prevent your dog from barking, try to desensitize them to the cause of their barking. It might be a noise or simply coming into contact with other animals or people.

If you want to be successful in house training an animal, you must make sure that he follows a regular elimination and feeding schedule.This will give you important forehand knowledge to prevent accidents and your dog needs to go to the bathroom. This schedule also teach your dog “hold it”.

TIP! To enforce good behavior when training your dog, remember to praise him regularly. Give treats, smile, and get excited so your dog will associate good behavior with a positive result.

Understanding how dogs think can make dog training easier. You will also notice how your dog differs from others and adapt his training to correlate with his personality. Once an individual understands how a dog thinks, training the dog will be much simpler.


Canine Training Strategies For Novice Dog Trainers

Do you need to train it?Do you currently own a dog that you’re having trouble training? Keep reading to learn how to really becomes man’s best friend.

Give them chew toys for pain relief while teething, otherwise he might alleviate his teething pain on your nice furniture. Give it one of his chew toys right away.

Repetition is key to teaching your dog new command. It is not uncommon for it to take about 25-50 repetitions of the same command for your dog understands it.

TIP! Disciplined leash walking is very important in dog training. This will assure that the two of you are safe when you are out on walks.

Keep in mind that your puppy will eventually grow up.Choose a crate that works both for the adult dog you will eventually have. Your dog needs to have the room to get around and sleep without being overly crowded.

TIP! Maintain your dog’s training throughout its lifetime. Your dog isn’t completely trained once he stops being a puppy.

Make sure a reward ready whenever the dog does what you want. You want your dog understands that he has accomplished a good thing.This is the proper way to make sure that your dog learns the difference between right and efficiently.

TIP! Using a different tone of voice for different purposes is a great teaching tool for training your dog. Giving a command or correcting a negative behavior requires an authoritative tone, while praise can be softer.

Make sure to give your dog gets plenty of exercise each and potty break sessions. A dog who has proper training and have fun will be much easier to manage.

TIP! While training your dog, you need to introduce it to different social situations as early as possible. He has to understand what is okay when it comes to being around dogs and people, too.

Your training sessons should be short. If you wish to do more training, then ensure you provide your dog with plenty of breaks so that they can relax for a little while before they continue their training regimen.

Primary Reinforcement

TIP! When training your dog, it is important to always be consistent. Consistency must be used in the wording of the commands you use with your dog, the tone of voice you use when saying these words and the rewards that you provide for the dog when it successfully complies with your commands.

Primary reinforcement is a proven principle that is useful in your training dogs. Primary reinforcement involves utilizing something that the dog to love as a reward good behavior. Some examples of primary reinforcements include your dog’s belly. This will enable your dog how to get something it is interested in having.

TIP! If you have a big dog who likes to spread out when he sleeps, you will need to get a big dog bed. There are rectangular beds for pets, or you can get a crib mattress for your dog.

Isn’t it simple to train your dog after all? These trips will help you keep your dog obedient. Dogs enjoy pleasing you and doing what you tell them to do. They need a firm, but loving hand to guide them. Do it right away.


Every Dog Needs To Be Trained Properly

TIP! Do not reinforce any negative behaviors accidentally. This means that you should never reward your dog, with treats or attention, for doing something you’re trying to train it out of.

If you’re new to dog training, you’re more than likely wanting some advice on what will work to get your dog to behave. The following article will be of great help for training your dog.

TIP! Disciplined leash walking is very important in dog training. This will ensure both his safety and yours when you take him on walks.

Make sure that your dog is up and active. Dogs are easily become bored. A dog is very difficult to train. Your dog will be more attentive when it has received enough exercise. Go for long walks or runs with your dog.

TIP! As you train the dog, patience is essential. This will make it less likely that you or your dog will become frustrated or upset with the process of training.

Puppies grow up quite quickly. Choose a crate that is sure to fit them suitably when they hit adult dog you will eventually have. The ideal size would be one that doesn’t make your dog crowded when turning around and lie down without being crowded.

TIP! Make sure that both you and your dog enjoy the daily training. When you engage in play with your pet, your relationship becomes stronger; your dog will often respond better to you while training because of this enhanced bond.

When you are approaching an unfamiliar dog, approach them slowly and offer them the back of a hand to smell. This gives the dog to get used to your scent and shows him much more likely to trust you.

Training Sessions

TIP! Your dog will be easier to train if you are careful to avoid letting him learn bad habits to begin with. Trying to change bad behaviors after the fact is far more difficult than teaching them the good ones right away.

Limit the duration of your training sessions with your dog so he doesn’t lose focus. Spending too much time just on one aspect of training exercises will bore the dog. Try limiting training sessions limited to about 10 minutes.

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise each and potty break sessions. A dog that’s well exercised is a responsive and more responsive.

TIP! A good thing to remember during training is the fact that your every move will play a role in the dog’s eventual personality and disposition. This is crucial to know because you may undo certain behaviors by engaging in horseplay or by teasing your pet.

The first thing you should do when training a puppy is to make sure he knows his name. Use their name often, and teach him that the appropriate response to hearing is name is to come over to you. These should be the first few commands your dog needs to learn. Spend a lot of time with your new puppy, and building a loving relationship with him so he knows who to trust. This will help them become more receptive to harder training in the future.


Training your dog can be simple, effective and even fun, when you have the right advice on hand. By using the tips listed above, you will be moving forward in the training your dog world.


How To Train Your Dog In No Time

TIP! While training your puppy or dog to use a crate, introduce him to new concepts slowly and gradually, so he is able to adjust to the changes without feeling stressed. When they’ve settled down with the gate open, slowly shut it and pass treats through the gate.

A dog is very similar to a remote that must be properly programmed to work with a TV. Your dog already is capable of doing the most common commands, but you have to train him the right way. Dogs already have in them the innate intelligence to be trained, but it is up to us to teach them.

TIP! When your dog behaves well in a training session, reward him in a calm manner. When your dog does commands correctly, they get a treat.

When they seem comfortable in it with the door open, try closing it and feeding them treats via the wires. Start off small, for example 10 seconds or so, and gradually increase crate time. If they start to fuss, you are probably proceeding too quickly.

Give your puppy with lots of chewable toys, and keep everything else out of reach. Give the dog one of its own chew toys immediately.

TIP! Be cognitive of the duration of time you and your dog devote to training sessions. Your dog will get bored and antsy if you spend too much time on one thing.

Keep in mind that puppies get larger as they age. Choose a crate that works both for puppy when he matures into an adult.The ideal size would be one that doesn’t make your dog crowded when turning around and lie down without being crowded.

TIP! When training your dog, make sure to have fun with him too. Try and develop a bond with your dog by playing with him, it will only encourage the dog to want to please you more during training.

Try not to reinforce bad behavior in your dog.This means don’t give your dog treats for doing something you don’t want it to do. For example, avoid rubbing the dog’s head every time they jump up when you get home.

TIP! Use the dog’s name often when training to ensure that you have their attention. Use the name repeatedly during the first weeks after your dog’s arrival, so he pays attention to you when he hears the name.

Do not use a shock collars and similar training devices. They could be detrimental to your dog and they cost a ton. They can also discourage good behaviors as they inhibit your dog to be confused about all their behaviors.

This lets the dog to understand when you are serious. It is important that your dog to realize the differences in each command.

TIP! Praise is key to reinforcing good behavior during training. Talk in a positive voice, smile and offer your dog some treats when it does something right.

Whenever a dog owner learns the proper methods of getting their dogs to showcase their natural abilities, the next step is simply utilizing these methods. Your pet will like the time that is spent between you and them in the training sessions.


Ways On How You Can Effectively Train Your Dog

Training your puppy takes a lot of their care. Use the tricks written here and you will surely be able to train your dog in no time at all.

This will allow your dog to have a positive association with his crate.

TIP! Dog training requires generous rewards that are given correctly. It is important that you provide the right amount of treats at the correct times.

When your dog appears to be at ease while inside the crate with the door ajar, try closing it and feeding them treats via the wires. Start small, and when they seem okay with that, and then gradually increase the times. If the dog becomes upset, you may be ramping up too quickly.

TIP! Look out for your dog’s nutrition the same way you would look after your own. A poor diet can negatively affect them in various ways.

Keep in mind that they get bigger. Choose a crate that works both for the dog when he grows up. Your dog needs to have the room to get around and sleep without being overly crowded.

TIP! Dogs can have a one-track mind and remain focused on one thing until you break the dog out of it. If you get your dog to focus on you, it will help his behavior.

This lets the dog to understand when you are in training mode. It also helps the dog to understand the difference between a sharp tone for discipline and other types of commands.

Training Sessions

Training sessions should stay short. Training sessions should be no longer than fifteen minutes at a time could leave both you and your dog tired and frustrated.

TIP! You will be able to allow your dog to do more as it learns. The key to a satisfying life for your dog is a balance of freedom and obedience.

Is your pooch eating healthy? Your dog will have better and more energetic if you are feeding him a species-appropriate diet.Your vet should be able to recommend the appropriate diet and nutritional requirements of your dog.

TIP! Have a blast during each training session with your dog. Playful interaction strengthens the bond between you, and will have your dog striving even harder to please you during training.

Anxiety is frequently the cause of destructive behavior like chewing or clawing. If you give the dog a chew toy and put him in the safety of a dog crate, your dog and your house will stay safe.

TIP! You should never do long sessions of training. Dogs’ attentions are very short.

After you have brought your new furry friend home, its time to begin training him. Keep your patience high and your love flowing to a well-behaved dog. It takes time, but the reward of an obedient pet is well worth the wait.


Having A Dog That Listens Is Important

TIP! Use small steps when training a dog or pup to get into a crate, so that they can become familiar with it. Once your dog seems to have acclimated to the crate itself, close the gate and feeding him through it.

Dogs of all breeds think the same mindset. Understanding how they think and communicate is key to successful training. This article contains some universal dog training techniques that in on canine thought.

TIP! Trying to understand how your dog is feeling. Things that seem simple to you may not be as simple to your dog if he is having a hard time learning them.

Rewarding your dog properly and generously is the key to training.Giving you pet treats in the right amount is important. This is because a dog does not always understand what it’s being rewarded for if they do not get it at the right time.

Give your dog a clear verbal cue that tells them they’re doing the right thing.

A lot of times owners will train their dogs once and not conduct any refreshers.

TIP! You need to teach your dog right away that they should drop or back away from something when you say “leave it.” “Leave it” can prevent furniture chewing, save valuable objects from being destroyed and save your dog from consuming dangerous and/or poisonous substances.

Do not ever use a shock collars. They don’t often work as advertised and cost more than training methods which are conventional. They can cause your dog’s behavior too much.

You must be firm during training your dog. This fosters a good relationship between you are your dog.

TIP! Teaching a puppy their name is one of the first steps to undertake and creates a lasting bond. Always refer to your dog by his name, and begin teaching him to come anytime it is called.

In order to decrease barking, have your dog get used to the things that are causing them to bark. It might be something they hear or being in close proximity to other animals. Your dog will understand that there’s no reason to bark when presented these situations.

TIP! To keep your dog from barking, teach them to obey to a simple order that will make them quiet. Use your no-bark command and follow with a treat only when the dog is quiet.

Puppies do not have a very long attention span and limited energy, therefore keep your sessions short and provide ample amounts of praise. If you overdo it, the puppy will probably not remember much except that it was an unpleasant experience, and that will make it more difficult when the time comes for the next training session.

TIP! Be aware of the other dogs when taking yours for a walk. Certain dogs often display aggression, and it can be dangerous to make the assumption that all dog owners have done the right thing regarding training.

Understanding the way a dog thinks and the way that they process information can be the important step in training a dog. By having this knowledge, an individual can train their dog in the most effective way possible. People who know how dogs usually behave can train them better.


How To Teach Your Dog

TIP! There are many different approaches that can be used to crate train a new puppy. If your puppy doesn’t like being in his crate, put a dog treat or chew bone in it and close the door to keep him out.

Canine training is a great way to have an obedient relationship with you and your pet. Training can be stressful at times, but the more you learn about it the better off you will be. Use the tips you’ve learned here to give you train your dog.

This will give your dog to have a positive association with the crate.

There are several techniques to make crate training your puppy or dog. Once in the crate, praise them so that they know they did well.

You should develop a specific feeding pattern for your dog. Your dog will learn to eat their food in the time that you have alloted.

TIP! You will be able to allow your dog to do more as it learns. The spectrum of freedom and obedience gives your dog the happy life he deserves.

Be sure to feed your canine is consuming a healthy diet. A bad diet is unhealthy for dogs for many problems. It can make your dog’s health and is not good for their behavior. Something as easy as proper nutrition can sometimes have a huge impact on how receptive they are to training.

TIP! When training your dog, remember to be patient. This will make it less likely that you or your dog will become frustrated or upset with the process of training.

Do not tether two dogs too closely. If dogs get tangled up too severely, they may get so wrapped up that air passages are blocked off, and he could die.

TIP! Start small when you begin to work on training your dog to give your dog an easy start. You will remain motivated if you can train it successfully right away, and your dog will get used to obeying you.

Keep in mind that puppies grow into a bigger dog.Choose a crate that works both for the puppy when he matures into an adult. The ideal size would be one that doesn’t make your dog crowded when turning around without getting crowded.

TIP! Your dog does not need to respond to you saying “no”. It is important to be positive when you are training your dog.

Your dog must respect you are the leader of the pack. Your dog must see you as a leader, so that he knows to obey and respect you. Always walk ahead of your dog when you go on walks, because this is the position to show leadership.

TIP! Dogs are just like people; they love hearing the sound of their own names and the use of the name will call them to attention. Over time and repetition, the dog will begin to understand their name and that they are being spoken to.

It is vital that you dog listens to you. This article gave you some great tips about how you can train your dog the right way. You need to have patience, but the outcome will be good over time. Dogs learn by repetition and consistency, and the more you know, the better equipped you are to train your dog properly.


How To Properly Train Your Dog

TIP! When you do give your dog correction verbally, make those corrections short, sharp and to the point. Do not whine and complain to your pet about their bad behavior.

If you’re a beginner at training a dog, then you are surely curious about the best tips for training your dog. The advice below will be of great help for training your dog a little easier.

This will help them associate good association between the crate and their food.

TIP! Choose a crate that fits your dog properly and use it to crate train them. Keep in mind, puppies do not stay small forever.

Do not tie more than one dog in close proximity to each other. If dogs get tangled up too severely, they may get so wrapped up that air passages are blocked off, and one could potentially die.

TIP! When you start dog training, come up with a verbal cue that will tell your pet they’ve followed your command. For example, using the word “yes” can let your dog know they can retrieve their reward.

Pick a recognizable phrase you will say to your puppy the whole time you are working on house training. Each time you venture out for a bathroom trip, use a phrase such as “go potty” so that he associates going outside with going to the bathroom.

TIP! Dogs need an hour or more of exercise each day, aside from their potty breaks. When your dog gets enough exercise, training sessions are usually more effective and produce faster results.

One command that should be taught early to a puppy is “leave it.” This teaches them to drop something and step way from things you do not want him to touch. This basic command teaches them to cease chewing on furniture or items around the house and it keeps them safe from dangerous items.

Always make use positive reinforcement to train your dog. Don’t shout at or hit your dog. This teaches your dog think you do not know how to train him.

You should always praise your dog does something good. Do not reward bad behavior; instead correct unwanted behavior.

Does your dog pull on his leash during a walk? This is a common and it’s simple to rectify.

TIP! When training your dog, it is best that you give them treats whenever they do what you’re telling them to do. After they learn it, reduce giving them treats to 75% and continue reducing it to getting one just every once in a while.

Now that you have read the tips this article has presented, you understand that great behavior from your dog is easy to achieve, and fun as well. You do not have to pay for long and expensive training classes. Don’t put it off. Get started today to develop a well-behaved, happy pet.


Training Your Dog To Be Well Behaved

This article will help you learn the ins and outs of training your future show dog correctly.

TIP! Repetition is what causes a dog to learn. You might have to keep repeating something to a dog as much as fifty times for it to ‘click’.

Try to think like to be your dog. Frustration may come quickly if the dog does not pick up your training of basic things quickly. Don’t give up! Think how they think like your dog! Imagining the world as they see things may give you a different perspective in training them.

TIP! Pay attention to the length of your dog training sessions. Remember that a dog has a short attention span and cannot focus on one thing for too long.

Pick a consistent phrase you will say to your puppy during house training him. When you are outside with the puppy, say “Elimination Device…Activate!” or whatever phrase you chose to call his attention to the task at hand.

TIP! Have fun with your dog each day when training. It builds a strong bond between the two of you and encourages them to want to please you.

Have a treat ready to reward your dog when they follow a command properly. You want your pooch that he has accomplished a good thing. This is a good way to make your dog know the difference between a good and expected.

Training Sessions

TIP! Dogs need to understand exactly what your “no” means. Training must be a positive experience for your dog.

Limit the duration of your training sessions.Your dog will get bored doing the same thing over and over. Try to keep the initial training sessions to 10 minutes or less.

TIP! Continue training your dog using the same techniques over time. When everyone is participating in the training progress, you should be sure that each member of the family is applying the same rules and commands.

Make training your dog each day. Taking time to play creates a strong bond between the two of you, which means fewer problems when training him.Training may be a fun activity, but you should still make time just to play with your pet.

TIP! To teach a young dog to behave while walking on a leash, start by initiating some good-natured playing. As you play, you can then place the collar on his neck.

Changing your tone to reflect emotions is useful in getting the point across to your dog. Be firm at all times, speak louder to reprimand your dog and take a softer voice to praise your dog.

TIP! To enforce positive behavior when it comes to training your dog, be sure that you praise your dog. Give treats, smile, and get excited so your dog will associate good behavior with a positive result.

A good tip is to always be aware if other dogs when you are walking your dog. You should not assume every dog is friendly; some dogs that seem aggressive.If you see an antisocial or aggressive dog, steer your dog away.

TIP! One tip to keep in mind when training your dog is that everything you do with your dog is molding its personality and behavior. It is imperative that you know this, you might see that they will revert to bad things if they are teased.

It is probably important to you how successful your show dog becomes. The ideas that are within this article have been proven effective in dog training. These tips may not work in every case, but they are a great starting place.

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